Payment Gateway Accounts

Looking for a payment gateway account to connect your shopping cart to your online merchant account? We recommend Authorize.net for all our eCommerce clients.

The payment gateway account is the secure link between your web site shopping cart and your online merchant account. The gateway collects data from your shopping cart and verifies the credit card information before money is transferred to the financial institution and placed in your bank account via your online merchant account.

Authorize.net gateway services connect to many online merchant accounts. Programming is required to connect from your shopping cart to the gateway.

How to apply for my Gateway Account

  1. Click this Apply Now link.
  2. Click the Register link.
  3. Follow the instruction.

Important Note:

Some financial institutions include the gateway accounts with their online merchant accounts. Either they have their own or they bundle the services of a gateway provider with their online merchant accounts. Some require that you obtain your gateway account directly from a gateway provider and then connect it too the online merchant account. Ask your online merchant account vendor prior to applying for the gateway account.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificates

A properly installed SSL Certificate provides a secure link from your shopping cart to your gateway account, which in turn connects to your online merchant account. Register your SSL Certificate...