Web Page Design Tips

Basic Web Design Tips

Web Designs that Appeal to Your Target Audience

Think about the people you expect to use your web site. Is this web design targeting an audience that is mostly female or male? What is the typical age range, income level, and ethnicity. Consider which colors will be more appealing to your target audience?

Ease of Navigation

Have you ever arrived at a web site with a design that was so complicate you did not know where to start? Did you spend the time to find out or did you leave in frustration? Create a web design that has a natural flow and is easy to understand within the first few seconds.

Broken Links

Check all internal links and external links to make sure they are working and accurate. HTML coding software such as Adobe GoLive and Macromedia Director will help spot broken internal links. Use google.com's sitemap feature to check for external broken links.

Content is Queen

Appropriate content will attract visitors via the search engines and will keep them coming back. Good web designs take into account content in terms of placement, width of sentences, size, and contrast between text and the background. Make your content the primary focus, and remember to use enough "white space" to avoid crowding.

Keep them Coming Back

Include interesting, up-to-date articles from your industry to refresh your content. It is not necessary to write each article yourself, but read each one before posting to see that it merits a place in your carefully planned web design.


Offer helpful tips and tools via a monthly eNewsletter. This reminds your users to revisit your site again and again. Remember not to overdue by sending too many eNewsletters each month.