Small Office Networks – Home Office Networks

If you have an office with many computers, this information does not apply. You are better off hiring a qualified networking consultant. If you have a small office network or home office network with one or two computers, read on! If your computer is connected to the internet it is vulnerable to viruses, spyware and malicious attack. Here are some tips that may help minimize your risk.

Virus Protection

New viruses are programmed and released often and antivirus software must be updated just as often. Buy the latest software from Symantec or McAfee and setup it up such that the software automatically looks for updates from the appropriate web site. The latest software also checks your computer for spyware software for added protection.

Port Protection

Your PC is vulnerable to hackers while connected to the internet. www.GRC.com is a web site that will probe your computer's ports, heeemmm, and attempt to establish a connection. Once at this site, click on "ShieldsUp!!", then scroll down and look for "Hot Spots". Click on "ShieldsUp!" and read the information on this page. Then, click on "Proceed", scroll a bit and click on "Common Ports". Wait while the system probes your computer. You will get a pass or fail and the web site will indicate which ports are open.

If your computer is connected directly to your modem, chances are your computer will fail! What now? Well, add a router between the modem and your computer. In particular, add a router with a fire wall. Once installed, go back to www.GRC.com and check the ports again. This time the system should pass. Also, the router will allow you to have additional computers connected to the internet at the same time.


Linksys routers provide safety for DSL, Cable, and Wireless connections by providing a firewall between your computer and your internet connect.

Are you now 100% protected? Absolutely NOT!

The only way to protect your computer and your small office network 100% is to disconnect it from the internet permanently, remove all viruses from data files, do a clean reinstall of all system software and never share a file with another computer again! But then, what would be the point, and the fun, of having a computer?