Mac OS 10.x and Windows XP File Share

After hours of searching I was able to setup a Mac with OS 10.x and a Windows XP PC to share files. The two computers where already networked via a router, so what I needed where the steps to take to turn on "file share" on both computers. Here are the steps:

File Sharing on Mac OS 10.2

  1. System Preferences – Sharing – Check ON "Windows File Sharing"
  2. System Preferences – Accounts – New User
  3. Enter Name, Password, and Check ON "Allow user to log in from Windows"
  4. Look on your mac for Users - then the main user
  5. Use the File – Get Info tool to set the Read/Write permissions on the "Public" folder found in the Main User folder.

File Sharing on Mac OS 10.5

  1. System Preferences - Accounts - Unlock the Lock (lower left)
  2. Click on "Guest Account - sharing only"
  3. Check ON "Allow guest to connect to shared folders"
  4. Click the Lock
  5. System Preferences - Sharing - Check ON "File Sharing"
  6. Click Options...
  7. Check ON "Share files and folders using SMB"
  8. Check ON appropriate accounts
  9. Click Done
  10. Set the read/write permissions

File Sharing on Windows XP

  1. Start – My Network Places – Add a network place
  2. Follow Add Network Place Wizard
  3. Choose another network location
  4. Enter the full address of the mac account: \\[ipaddress]\[nameofmacaccount]\Public
  5. Replace [ipaddress] with the actually IP address of the mac
  6. Replace [nameofmacaccount] with the actually name of the mac account
  7. Finish the wizard
  8. You should see the mac in the pc's network places. Click on it and enter the username\password you setup in the mac preferences.


Map the Mac as a Drive on Windows XP

  1. My Computer - Tools - Map Network Drive
  2. Drive: Z:
  3. Folder: \\[ipaddress]\[nameofmacaccount]\Public
  4. Click Finish