Register a Domain Name

What to Know about Domain Registrars

Some domain registrars are located overseas. Because of the time difference there is sometimes a time delay in contacting them or in receiving a response via email. RLWD Web Services is located in the United States and provides a US telephone number for customer support.

How do I know if a domain has already been registered?

Search the WHOIS database.

Available Domain Products

Domain Registration

Web site domain names are registered annually, not purchased. RLWD Web Services gives a discount for registering or renewing your domain for more than one year at-a-time. learn more…

Annual Domain Renewal

Remember to renew your domain names before the current registrations expire, otherwise, the domains become available to the general public.

Private Registration

When you register a domain, your name, address, email address and phone number are immediately made available to anyone who wants to see them. Private registration spares you the public exposure.

Backorder Domains

Monitor domain name changes, review the list of expiring domains, and most important of all, backorder domain names so they’re yours the instant they’re available.

Domain Name Appraisals

Domain Name Appraisals gives you an expert evaluation of what a domain name is worth. learn more…