ASP Functions

ASP functions are not case sensitive.
ASP functions are located between <% %>.
Below are some common ASP functions with coding examples.

ASP Function Description
of ASP Function
of ASP Function
Do Until – Loop   count = 1
Do Until count = 3
   count = count +1
Do While – Loop   count = 1
Do While count <> 3
   count = count +1
Response Functions
Response.Redirect Redirect to another web page Response.Redirect "default.asp"
Response.Write Display text on web page Response.Write "Hi!"
Date and Time Functions
Date Current date Date()
Now Current date and time Now()
Day Day of month from 1 to 31 Day(Date()) OR Day(Now())
Month Month of year from 1 to 12 Month(Date()) OR Month(Now())
Year Year Year(Date()) OR Year(Now())
MonthName Name of the Month MonthName(Month(Date())) OR MonthName(Month(Now()))
Weekday Day of the week from 1 (Sunday) to 7 Weekday(Date())
Time Current time Time()
Minute Minute from 0 to 59 Minute(Now) OR Minute(Time)
Second Second from 0 to 59 Second(Now) OR Second(Time)
String Functions
Chr Returns character value of number between 0 and 255 See asp-characters.asp
FormatCurrency Display a number in currency format FormatCurrency("1003.99")
FormatNumber Display a number in double format with the designated positions after the decimal FormatNumber(1003.9987987,2)
inStr Finds text in a string starting from left inStr(Description,"Tom")

If inStr(emailAddress, "@") = 0 Then
inStrRev Finds text in a string starting from right inStrRev(Description,"Betty")

If inStr(emailAddress, "@") = 0 Then
isDate Checks if string is a valid date isDate(#02/30/20#)
isNumeric Checks if string is a valid number isNumeric("123gfd")
lCase Lower case lCase("TOM")
uCase Upper case uCase("tom")
Len Length of string If Len(firstName) <> 0 Then
Replace Replace one string with another Replace(description,"Tom","Ted")
Left   Left("How are you",5)
Mid   Mid("How are you",4,2)
Right   Right("How are you",3)
Trim Remove spaces from start and finish of string Trim(" How are you? ")